Second Opinion

by Insanity Alert

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Recorded at the Toxic Basement Studio, Carate Brianza (I) in December 2012. Produced by The Hand Of Doom. 7" EP released on Slaughterhouse Records, CD version on Glorious Thrash Records


released February 1, 2013

All songs written by Insanity Alert, all lyrics by Heavy Kevy
Woasch eh!


all rights reserved



Insanity Alert Innsbruck, Austria

Insanity Alert is a thrash band from Innsbruck, Austria. Started in 2011, influenced by the likes of S.O.D., DRI, Suicidal Tendencies, Bones Brigade, Municipal Waste, Toxic Holocaust and Nuclear Assault. Our mission: Thrash hard, smoke weed, drink beer, watch football and skate once in awhile. ... more


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Track Name: Slimer's Revenge
Slimer's Revenge

There's panic all around!
There's a brand new kid in town
Green, slimy and posessed
Yeah, he's different from the rest
He ain't gonna take no shit
From some stupid human kid
Ecto-cooler in his hand
Slime is gonna hit the fan

Slimer's Revenge!
The wrath!
Slimer's Revenge!

Venkman's gonna die
Slimer's got the evil eye
Some say he's Belushi's ghost
Broccoli he fears the most
Too long he's been pushed around
Bashed and labelled as a clown
Raising chaos with his friend
Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

Mean, green, killing machine
Leaving traces of slime, feeds on pizza and ice-cream
Thrashes the neighbourhood, no one is save
Total destruction, just like a shockwave blast!

Yeah, you had it coming and you know it!
Yeah, Slimer is back and here to show it!
He has come for you all
Who are you gonna call?
Cause it's game-over now
You're the 8, he's the cueball
Breaking though windows
Blasting through walls
Ghostbusters can't help you now...
Slimer's Revenge!
Track Name: Arac Attack
Arac Attack

Ok I must admit that I had something to drink
But nothing fancy, nothing crazy, just a beer or two I think
However, what I saw that night, no one will believe
A bunch of massive killer spiders, coming after me

Mutated monsters on the hunt
Destroying all that's on their path
Who's gonna stop these giant creeps?
I ask you, who?

Arac Attack!
Arac Attack!
Arac Attack!

And now I'm locked away along with Jesus and the King
When I told the cops, they said: “He's high” and put me in the looney bin
And meanwhile down in Loserville, more innocents will die
The spiders kill the humans as if they were puny flies

The creatures fed on toxic waste
It made them grow beyond believe
Their fangs can crush a grown man's skull
There's no escape!
Track Name: The Infected Zone
The Infected Zone

Worst case scenario, all went extremely wrong
We have contained the virus, but don't know for how long

Cry, suffocate, losing sight
The Infected Zone
Flesh melts away, brain gets fried
The Infected Zone

They never die!

No word from Tokyo, this is a global threat
Some came up to the fence, we shot them in the head

Cry, suffocate, losing sight
The Infected Zone
Flesh melts away, brain gets fried
The Infected Zone

Can't let them reach the walls, can't let them cross the wire
Last warning, head back now or we will fire
There's something in the air
That brings the dead to life
Right now, it isn't clear
If mankind can survive

No one gets in, no one gets out
The Infected Zone
At night the screams they get so loud
The Infected Zone
Don't know how long we can still hold
The Infected Zone
They never die, they never die, never die!
Track Name: Twist-Off Betrayal
Twist-Off Betrayal

Total strength
Brutal force
Can't give in
Must enforce

This elixer
Pure & cold
This ambrosia
Liquid gold

Blood on my hands is the price I pay
Must succeed now, must succeed, hey, wait a minute!
This is not a Twist-Off!

By the thirst
Not the last time
Not the first

Many times
I've been fooled
By the bottle
Fresh and cool
Track Name: March Of The Mentally Ill
March Of The Mentally Ill

Once upon a time in a land far away...

The power went out, that's how it started
The guards tried to stop them, but paid with their lives
Security breach, computers outsmarted
The staff all got butchered, cut open with knives

Nightfall provided a welcome escape-route
A straight-jacket army dissappeared in the night
No leaders, no game-plan, just bloodlust and hatred
Turning each town into one ugly sight

March of the mentally ill

The army grew bigger, in strength and in numbers
Local police were in over their head

Soldiers were brought in to restore the order
They sealed off the region and buried the dead

Supplies soon ran out but the army was hungry
Corpses of humans were stripped of their flesh

The glasses were filled with the blood of the innocent
Drink to insanity, hail the posessed!

March of the mentally ill

There was no question of surrender, giving up without a fight
Live free or die in total freedom, no longer locked away each night
They searched around for proper weapons and took position in the hills
The higher ground gave them advantage, they were ready to destroy... and kill!

The poor little soldiers that went up there did not stand chance
And the straight-jacket army continued its way through the lands
This is the legend of the march of the mentally ill
(based on a true story)

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