First Diagnosis

by Insanity Alert

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Glorious Thrash Glorious we’ll rise… Spit out by humanity, embraced by the devil We’re taking this shit to a whole different level Let the forces of evil awaken the dead Fear the strength of the thrashers who only see red Glorious we’ll rise Thrash, glorious thrash, glorious thrash, glorious thrash! Drunk, weed-infested, and slightly insane Like the deadliest virus attacking the brain An army of zombies and creatures alike Slaughter all who resist, turn the day into night Glorious we’ll rise Victory is ours No one will survive Corpses in the streets Glorious we’ll rise
Blood Beach 01:25
Blood Beach The legend speaks of a place on the coast A once lovely beach that’s posessed by a ghost No one, they say, has ever returned Keep that in mind if you were thinking of visiting Blood Beach! You’re all gonna die Blood Beach! Your most evil nightmare come true Blood Beach! Look up to the sky Blood Beach! The only way out is in pieces Crazy old lady gets sucked in the sand A kid builds a castle and loses a hand Daddy is bleeding, got bit by a shark Evil reigns here in the darkest of places Mommy is crying, but there’s nothing she can do Blood thirsty demons are coming for her too She can run, she can hide but she can never get away Yeah she knows she won’t live to see another day Blood beach!
Straight-Jacket Mosh They locked me up, late last night The walls are padded, the lights too bright Injected drugs to keep me calm But I feel like a cluster bomb Ready to explode Take down everything around Can’t control me now Slam it to the ground Straight-Jacket Mosh! Keep your hands below your waist Straight-Jacket Mosh! Isolation you must face The dude next door is freaking out No fuckin clue what he’s on about The screams down the hall are getting stronger Don’t think I can take this shit much longer But my hands are tied Tied somewhere below my waist There seems no way out Isolation I must face Mental illness, schizophrenia, depression, anxiety disorder These are not the case, my only bad is taking some weed across the border
Braincell Massacre Troops in position Our orders are clear Fight till the last one falls The weapons we use Silver Pearl and beer Braincells, we’ve come for you all Show them no mercy Show no regret Destroy every single last one Resistance is futile There is no escape The battle is over and done Braincell Massacre! You will all be destroyed Slaughter the young ones Slaughter the old Slaughter the weak and the strong Full frontal attack It’s an ugly sight But when the smoke disappears, we have won This is no school trip It’s total war Line ‘em up and take ‘em out Class A Ammunition Premium stuff Powerblast, round after round
Crucified By Zombies Just the other night I was walking down the street Had the feeling I was gonna die Something strange was following me I could hear its evil cries I was just about to run, felt a hand on my shoulder Turned around and there they were The undead with nails and a hammer It all happened in a blur They dragged along a wooden cross Crucified by zombies, crucified by zombies Show the human who is boss Crucified by zombies, crucified by zombies Hung me high, left there to rot Crucified by zombies, crucified by zombies I was crucified... by zombies! This had to be a dream, there's no way this shit was real I thought: This haze, it really fucks you up! But it wasn't very long until I realized That I was really shit outta luck Like I said, I tried to run, but these fuckers took me down I ended facedown on the street There was hatred in their eyes, but they didn't speak a word They were gonna make the human bleed Bleedin’ like a pig, I had to get away So I offered them a joint, but they just ran away Turned out they had smoked my weed and got all paranoid I just pulled out all the nails and jumped down from the cross That's right! I’ve got the scars to prove it I was crucified ... by zombies!
Run To The Pit The weekend came after a week Of school and work, pure misery A case of beer, a bag of weed The sound of thrash is all we need We first meet up outside the club We’ll pound some cans, we’ll get warmed up Then we’ll go in, where we shall be Thrashing for eternity Moshing through smoke clouds and empty cans Stagediving into the pit We are the thrashers, it’s not nice to meet you Fuck you, we don’t give a shit This is our playground, it’s where we belong The pit gets you higher than hits from the bong Run to the pit, mosh for your life Run to the pit, mosh for your life Security man across the fence Killing and raping the fun We’re thrashing and slamming like hell in the pit Crushing skulls, drinking beer, smoking blunts It’s like a jungle in front of the stage Banging your head and smashing your face


Recorded live at Backyard Blastbox, Innsbruck (AT), 11th of March, 2012
Mixed by Christoph Reese


released March 21, 2012

All music by Insanity Alert, lyrics by Heavy Kevy


all rights reserved



Insanity Alert Innsbruck, Austria

Insanity Alert is a thrash band from Innsbruck, Austria. Started in 2011, influenced by the likes of S.O.D., DRI, Suicidal Tendencies, Bones Brigade, Municipal Waste, Toxic Holocaust and Nuclear Assault. Our mission: Thrash hard, smoke weed, drink beer, watch football and skate once in awhile. ... more


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