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by Insanity Alert

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Recorded & mixed at Toxic Basement Studio
(Carate Brianza / Italy) by The Hand of Doom during spring 2014
Produced by Insanity Alert & The Hand of Doom
Released on Empire Records
Mastered by Dan Randall/Mammoth Sound Mastering
Artwork by Andrei Bouzikov


released October 18, 2014

All songs written by Insanity Alert, all lyrics written by Heavy Kevy

Contact the band: //



all rights reserved


Insanity Alert Innsbruck, Austria

Insanity Alert is a thrash band from Innsbruck, Austria. Started in 2011, influenced by the likes of S.O.D., DRI, Suicidal Tendencies, Bones Brigade, Municipal Waste, Toxic Holocaust and Nuclear Assault. Our mission: Thrash hard, smoke weed, drink beer, watch football and skate once in awhile. ... more


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Track Name: Glorious Thrash
Glorious Thrash

Glorious we’ll rise…

Spit out by humanity, embraced by the devil
We’re taking this shit to a whole different level
Let the forces of evil awaken the dead
Fear the strength of the thrashers who only see red
Glorious we’ll rise

Thrash, glorious thrash, glorious thrash, glorious thrash!

Drunk, weed-infested, and slightly insane
Like the deadliest virus attacking the brain
An army of zombies and creatures alike
Slaughter all who resist, turn the day into night
Glorious we’ll rise

Victory is ours
No one will survive
Corpses in the streets
Glorious we’ll rise
Track Name: The Claw (Of All That Is Evil)
The Claw (Of All That Is Evil)

Treasure hunting took a turn for the worse
The only goal was more gold in their pockets
They should never have opened that door
A floodwave of death and diseases and war

How could they have known that the stories were real
Hidden away was The Claw of all that is evil!

The Claw of all that is evil!
The Claw of all that is evil!
The Claw of all that is evil!

Imprisoned for ages, it's fury unseen
Destroying mankind was it's daily routine
Raging and killing all in it's path
Those who stood up died a horrible death

Unforgiven, ancient and cruel
Earth felt the wrath of The Claw of all that is evil!

Too long had it been locked away


Slummering in darkness
Hidden from the light
And now it had created
Eternal night

Deadlier than the Pestilence
The only thing left was a rotten stench
No one believed that the stories were real
This was the age of the Claw of all that is evil!

A time when evil reigned...
Track Name: Zongo Vs. Eyeball
Zongo vs Eyeball

Remember the Zongo?
A vicous little toy
I got one from my mommy
When I was just a boy
You'd flip it around
And throw it down
To see the little fucker
Jump up from the ground

Till one day
Some kid tried
To put the Zongo on his eye

Sucked itself
Never to come off again

Total stress
What to do?
How to fix this, no one knew

Pulled it off
That was wrong
Cause the eyeball came along

The Zongo put society
Into a world of pain
Mutilating kids
Driving their parents insane
The parlament decided
Things could not go on this way
The Zongo got prohibited
Remains so till this day

But somewhere
In a drawer
All wrapped up and safely stored

Hidden from
Reign and law
Sheltered from their greedy claws

Ready to
Be revived
To inflict pain on a child

Yes right there
As you know
Lies a rubber toy known as the Zongo
Track Name: Macaroni Maniac
Macaroni Maniac!

If I don't get my daily dose
I'm going on a killing spree
And then you're all gonna die!

I'm like a junkie, need my fix
Can't beat the feeling, need my kicks
Yeah, it's just like gettin' high

I gotta have it, it's fact, cause I'm
A Macaroni Maniac!

I can't control it any longer, I'm addicted
And a voice inside my head sez
'Kill Em All!'

I tear your heart out, rip your head off,
Break your bones, stick out your eyes and smear your blood
across the wall

I gotta have it, it's a fact, cause I'm
A Macaroni Maniac!

Yes I'm a
Macaroni Maniac!

Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night
Screaming, screaming!
The urge to kill, the need to feed, I'm a
Demon, demon
I could spare you, I'm no beast
But something's gotta give
The question you should ask yourself is:
'Do I wanna live?'
Well do you wanna live?

I gotta have it, it's a fact, cause I'm
A Macaroni Maniac
Ready to kill, ready to murder and attack, cause I'm
A Macaroni Maniac

Macaroni Maniac (ready to kill!!!)
Macaroni Maniac (ready to kill!!!)
Macaroni Maniac (ready to kill!!!)
Macaroni Maniac
Track Name: F.U.N.

F is for fire that burns down the whole town
U is for uranium ...bombs!
N is for no survivors
That's my idea of fun!

That's my idea of fun!
Track Name: Crucified By Zombies
Crucified By Zombies

Just the other night I was walking down the street
Had the feeling I was gonna die
Something strange was following me
I could hear its evil cries
I was just about to run, felt a hand on my shoulder
Turned around and there they were
The undead with nails and a hammer
It all happened in a blur

They dragged along a wooden cross
Crucified by zombies, crucified by zombies
Show the human who is boss
Crucified by zombies, crucified by zombies
Hung me high, left there to rot
Crucified by zombies, crucified by zombies
I was crucified... by zombies!

This had to be a dream, there's no way this shit was real
I thought: This haze, it really fucks you up!
But it wasn't very long until I realized
That I was really shit outta luck
Like I said, I tried to run, but these fuckers took me down
I ended facedown on the street
There was hatred in their eyes, but they didn't speak a word
They was gonna make the human bleed

Bleedin’ like a pig, I had to get away
So I offered them a joint, but they just ran away
Turned out they had smoked my weed and got all paranoid
I just pulled out all the nails and jumped down from the cross
That's right!

I’ve got the scars to prove it
I was crucified ... by zombies!
Track Name: Weedgrinder

We've got stash to smoke, so grind it up
Inferior tools will not do
10 grams are waiting to be lit up
Orange Crush, Purple Haze, Thunder Blue

Turn the day into night, get high!
Fuck the world, put it on standby
But for now, just open your eyes
Where would we be without the proper supplies?
Let me tell you!

Beggin' in the streets for a couple of cents
Sleepin in the park on a wooden bench
Turnin' tricks for money till the broad daylight
It doesn't need to be this way, just use the right

WEEDGRINDER! don't comply?
WEEDGRINDER! gonna die!
WEEDGRINDER! no debate
WEEDGRINDER! death awaits you!

Right now it's time to smoke it up
Let the green curtain come down fast
But before we're gonna roll it and smoke this shit up
Let me submit you to one little test

What is the number one rule?
Do not use your fingers, you fool
It's a matter of life and high
Do it right or get ready to die!

Get ready to be..
Track Name: Blunt In / Blunt Out
Blunt In / Blunt Out

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em
Roll ‘em up and burn that shit
You gotta puff it, pass it and make sure
That everyone gets hit
Right now just suck it up and keep it in
Till it returns to you
Keep it real, keep it green
Keep it true, fuck yeah

Blunt In
Blunt Out
Track Name: Flamethrower

Do you wanna play?
A laser game?
Let's step it up a notch
Cause it's kinda lame

Change that stupid outfit
Throw away that 'gun'
Let's spice it up a little and
increase the fun

Let me introduce to you
My brand new toy, it's called a
Yeah, we're gonna melt your face off
Duck and cover all you like
But you can not escape my
When fire burns your eyes

Turn that frown
Upside down
And let us gear up
For another round

Dry your tears
No need to cry
Regardless what you do
You're gonna die

Forged in hell and made to kill
Now tell me don't you love my
Yeah, we're gonna melt your face off
Duck and cover all you like
But you can not escape my
When fire burns your eyes

out, and turns you into Kruger
As far as looks concern

A sea of flames is the last thing you'll remember
As you feel your insides burn

Try to run
Try to hide
Feel the pain
When fire burns your eyes out of your skull

All Hail The Force Of My Flamethrower!
Track Name: Shit For Brains
Shit For Brains

You're so stupid, didn't think it possible
Egocentric, ignorant, unbearable
Such a moron, I haven't met in my whole life
I should make you chew on my pocket knife

You've got shit for brains

Brainless asshole, is a term that's often used
To describe you, the same goes for brainless loser
But however, both terms don't quite cover it
Since your ugly, dumb-ass skull is filled with shit

Extra, extra, read all about it now
Wait a second, I don't think that you know how
Let me read it out for you, you imbecile
My hate for you is unconditional

Shit for brains!!!
Shit for brains!!!
Now I know I'm not the coldest beer in the fridge myself, but at least I try
As for you, dumb fuck, I'm pretty sure that no one minds if you would die

Shit for brains!!!
Track Name: Twist-Off Betrayal
Twist-Off Betrayal

Total strength
Brutal force
Can't give in
Must enforce

This elixer
Pure & cold
This ambrosia
Liquid gold

Blood on my hands is the price I pay
Must succeed now, must succeed, hey, wait a minute!
This is not a Twist-Off!

By the thirst
Not the last time
Not the first

Many times
I've been fooled
By the bottle
Fresh and cool
Track Name: Mankind Eraser
Mankind Eraser (Must Destroy All)

I have enough bullets to kill you every day
For the next 50 years
Been sent here with a mission:
Extinguish life on earth

Nothing gets in my way
Break down every wall
Orders are very clear
Must destroy all!

I'll deprive man of sun and cover earth in darkness
for the next 50 years
Below a sky of ashes
Life will not prevail

Nothing gets in my way
Break down every wall
Orders are very clear
Must destroy all!

No stone left unturned
Total apocalypse now
Resources get burned
Survivors: not allowed – must destroy all!

Mankind Eraser
Here to do my job
Mankind Eraser
I come out on top
Of 7 billion corpses
Track Name: Shell-Shocked

Down in trenches
Blood on my hands
Doing all that I can to survive
Bombs in the day
Chlorine in the night
Will I make it out here alive?

Death and destruction, fear and demise
Take their toll on the human mind
Can't close my eyes
Can't stay awake
Re-living the nightmare

Numb and exhausted, must stand my ground
I'm the last one defending the line
Turn off the light
Or they might find us
No one can patch up this wound

Out of the trenches
Alone in the field
Barb wire cuts into flesh
Enemy fire
When, do I wonder
Will I get out of this mess?

I can't control my mind, I'm running loose
My rifle in my hand
Knee-deep in mud, this trench will be my grave
This is my final stand
The blood I've spilled, the men that I have killed
Their ghosts are hunting me
I can't see straight, my eyes have seen too much
Who will remember me?
Track Name: Arac Attack
Arac Attack

Ok I must admit that I had something to drink
But nothing fancy, nothing crazy, just a beer or two I think
However, what I saw that night, no one will believe
A bunch of massive killer spiders, coming after me

Mutated monsters on the hunt
Destroying all that's on their path
Who's gonna stop these giant creeps?
I ask you, who?

Arac Attack!
Arac Attack!
Arac Attack!

And now I'm locked away along with Jesus and the King
I told the cops, they said: “He's high, let's put him in the looney bin”
Meanwhile down in Loserville, more innocents will die
The spiders kill the humans as if they were puny flies

The creatures fed on toxic waste
It made them grow beyond believe
Their fangs can crush a grown man's skull
There's no escape!

“Reports are coming in of giant spiders causing mass-hysteria in downtown Loserville. Local authorities are investigating the situation but eye-witnesses speak of a bloodbath...”

The itsy bitsy spider
Went up the waterspout.
Down came the rain
And washed the spider out.
Not this time, not this time...
Track Name: Run To The Pit
Run To The Pit

The weekend came after a week
Of school and work, pure misery
A case of beer, a bag of weed
The sound of thrash is all we need

We first meet up outside the club
We’ll pound some cans, we’ll get warmed up
Then we’ll go in, where we shall be
Thrashing for eternity

Moshing through smoke clouds and empty cans
Stagediving into the pit
We are the thrashers, it’s not nice to meet you
Fuck you, we don’t give a shit
This is our playground, it’s where we belong
The pit gets you higher than hits from the bong

Run to the pit, mosh for your life
Run to the pit, mosh for your life

Security man across the fence
Killing and raping the fun
We’re thrashing and slamming like hell in the pit
Crushing skulls, drinking beer, smoking blunts
It’s like a jungle in front of the stage
Banging your head and smashing your face